October blogging landmarks

With cooler weather expected in the Northern Hemisphere this month there are too many blogging events to choose from.

WordPress offered a poetry course beginning on 1 October.  I had neither the time nor the energy for that.

Our own (UK) #NationalPoetryDay was on 8 October.  The theme was Light.  I wrote a light-hearted poem to fit this theme and also the National Trust’s #lovethecoast theme.

The see is not blue

The sea is not blue

The next big blogging event is Blog Action Day for which there are three hashtags #BAD15 #RaiseYourVoice and #Oct16.  I participated in 2013 and 2014.  So far this year I have no real inspiration for the theme.  My draft post looks rather feeble to me.  I’d rather not take part than publish something half-hearted.

It is not too soon to think about Blogging from A to Z in April as we were reminded recently.  I have made some good blogging friends through this particular challenge.  Sue’s words and pictures is lined up to take part in the next one.  Sue’s Trifles, which has been my A to Z blog for three years, is still undecided.  (As if a blog can think!)

Another blogger alerted me to Emily P. Freeman’s monthly link-up “What I learned in…”.  I have linked there a few times recently.

Other bloggers are taking part in 31 days of Writing challenges and I wish them every success.

Are you taking part in a blogging event or challenge this month?