Books I read in July

Towards the end of June I was procrastinating on Facebook, when another member of a writers’ group explained why she writes fiction rather than true stories.

My own work in progress is a true story.  I decided to research the possibility of fictionalising my story.  My first step was to read two books by the author mentioned above.
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To begin I read A painful post mortem as an e-book.  I bought it from Amazon and read it on my laptop’s Kindle app.   I found the style easy to read.  The suspense was maintained in an interesting manner.  I particularly liked the way the book ended.  Some things are more important than pursuing justice at all costs.

I then took advantage of a special offer on Mel Menzies’ latest book Time to Shine, published in June 2015.  (I read it in paperback, which I prefer to an e-book.)Product Details

She was hoping for a review, but it was my pleasure to write one and post it on Amazon UK.

A counselling session sets the scene and two stories are developed in parallel.  The counsellor has a life that is not without its own dilemmas.

This is a very well-crafted book.  The suspense is maintained until the end with all the loose ends tied up satisfactorily.

I thoroughly recommend it and wish I could have read something like this when my own children were teenagers.

I wholeheartedly recommend both these books to anyone, who has dealings with teenagers, young adults or who is finding relationships within their family difficult.  There is much wisdom here.


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