Colours again

After all the hoo-ha about “that dress”, I wrote a post about colour perception and crochet.

I always find it interesting to knit from the same pattern using different colours or the same colours reversed.

Recently I shared the photo of a baby garment I knitted.  I had (deliberately) bought too much yarn.  For my next project (after knitting bootees and a bonnet) I knitted the same outfit in the larger size with the colours reversed.  I did not knit another bonnet.  I had designed this myself by adapting another pattern and substituting the stitches from the jacket pattern.  Until it has been tested on a real baby, I am not sure that it is a good design.

All the patterns I have for baby clothes are about thirty years old or more.

Reversed colours

Reversed colours

Anyhow, without more ado, I present a photo of the jackets in two colour ways – white and pink and pink and white.  (Clicking on the photo enlarges it.)

For a bit of fun, I am adding a poll.  Which colours do you prefer, the larger or the smaller?  


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