Looking back over five months of 2015

Every few months I find it necessary to look back over my blogs and see what surprises there have been.  With my reduced blogging output (weekly instead of daily on this blog apart from April) It has been over five months since I published a similar post.

My first post for 2015 was an outline of my plans.  I had not understood that #MondayBlogs do not have to be published on Mondays.

Dealing with shyness was featured on Post40Bloggers.

Two personal posts

Social media and the difficulties of leading a balanced life

Blogging, belief and books

A new word – a rare submission for the Daily Prompt with photo and humour

Not the numbers The internet is huge

The Heretic – Book review of Henry Vyner-Brooks’ historical novel

Valentine’s Day and other Red letter days

Doll’s trousers and hat (crochet)

Life, death, luck and Lent thoughts from Sue, who listens to people talking on trains!

Doll’s clothes and “that dress” Craft and social media

Poetry in Lent A poem and a photo

How to enlarge a knitted garment without frogging

A to Z Challenge 2015 a link to over 26 posts relating to the challenge including the reflections post.

What I have learned about Social Media during April

What’s next on Sue’s Trifles?

Mental Health Awareness Week

Christmas crafts

Patriotic squares and other motifs Crochet

Looking back through my posts, I realise that closing comments after 30 days, while fending off spammers, makes it difficult for genuine readers to comment.  For the A to Z Road Trip, my A to Z page is the best place to comment.

My What’s New page on Sue’s considered trifles is also a source of information about what I am doing online.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you found something of interest here.

2 thoughts on “Looking back over five months of 2015

  1. Catching up with the blogs via the Road Trip. Will certainly be back to yours – full of variety. Thanks for the comments and links on the Reflections post. See you again soon.


  2. I do a bit of looking back now and again – mostly when I can’t remember when I last used a photo of some bird or plant and what I said about it at the time.
    In May 2013 the May Blossom didn’t appear until the very last week of May and we had a wet and cold summer. In 2014 the May Blossom came out in April – and we had a beautiful summer. In 2015? Once again the May Blossom only just squeezed into the last week of May – It’s not my fault, honest.


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