Patriotic squares and other motifs

In a previous post I showed some crocheted squares in red white and blue.  Most of my readers are from countries with flags in these colours (or two of the three).

The squares used up oddments of machine knitting 4-ply acrylic yarn.  I was uncertain how many squares could be made from each colour, so refrained from joining any until most of them were made.  After some experimentation I made a symmetrical blanket using a different number of each colour.

I used a contrast colour – navy – to edge the blanket with two rows of double crochet.  (I use UK terms.)  The motif is a pattern I have used before.  It is from How to improve your crochet techniques published by Cavendish House 1983.  Instead of completing all the rounds in the instructions, I fastened off after the penultimate round.  The squares are smaller, naturally, but this seems suitable for the fine yarn.  Incidentally my copy has the price marked as £3.99.  The single used copy available on Amazon UK as I write this is almost three times the price, due to inflation in the intervening years.

Blanket and motifs

Blanket and motifs

I still have more small amounts of similar yarn in assorted colours. This yarn is too thin for beginner knitters or people, who regularly knit for fun supporting various charities.  So, being unable to give it away, my choice was to use it or dispose of it.  Waste not; want not was a saying I grew up with.

I have been experimenting with stars and triangles.  Time will tell what I am able to do with these!  The book I received as a Christmas present in 2013 has lots of patterns for small motifs.  The star and triangle motifs fit together, but what size and shape the finished article will turn out to be I do not know.

If you are a crafter, how do you use up oddments?



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  1. A message from my wife – if you make amigurami, you can use any pattern but use a smaller hook with your finer yarns. She suggests searching on Pinterest for free patterns. (It sounds like it could use a bolognese sauce, to me).


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