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In my post where I considered what might be coming up here on Sue’s Trifles I mentioned some Christmas decorations I had made at craft group.  At the time I wrote that post I couldn’t remember where I had put them.  We keep our Christmas decorations in the loft, but it isn’t easily accessible.  I knew they weren’t there.

When hubby announced that he was going to put something else in the loft, I mentioned that I had some decorations, but had forgotten where I had put them.

Surprisingly he found them for me.  (There is an expression that those who hide can usually find, and I had certainly put them somewhere.)

I decided against having them put with the other decorations.  Partly this was because there are some incomplete ones.  If I take those out of the ice cream tub, it is half empty.  It is now a project to pick up at some time in the future.

Meanwhile I have taken two photos of what I made in an evening.

Decorations and templates

Decorations, templates and parts ready for assembly



Before I went to craft group, I made two templates – a circle and a triangle (it should be an equilateral triangle to fit exactly in the circle.)  I did it in a hurry by drawing round an egg cup and using a ruler to produce the triangle.

Geometry lessons long ago taught me how to draw a circle using a pair of compasses and how to construct an equilateral triangle.  In this case speed was more important than accuracy.

My tools were a pair of scissors for cutting card, a mini-stapler, a ruler and a pencil.  I also had a supply of Christmas cards I had received and some silver- and gold-coloured gift ribbon.

The pictures show the completed baubles and some partly made.  It was nearly the end of the session, when I realised that I had been making them from four circles.  In the past I have used six.  This gives a more rounded shape.  The benefit of using four is that they have a flat base.  I didn’t need to hang them up for their photocall.

The shapes are drawn on the reverse of the cards, but I try to position them so that there is an interesting image near the centre of the circle.

These are old-fashioned decorations.  Paper burns easily, so they should be kept away from candles and open fires.  They are suitable for children to make.  Glue may be used instead or as well as staples.

Do you receive Christmas cards?  What do you do with them after Christmas?

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