What’s next on Sue’s Trifles?

The A to Z challenge has come to an end, as I mentioned in my last post but one.  Then we had the A to Z reflections linky.  So what now for Sue’s Trifles?

I have been doing some crochet and another craft project, which gave me a reason to go to the craft group.  Do you know anyone else, who has made Christmas decorations in April?

The only reason I did, was that I couldn’t find my scrapbook.  It is an amateurish project.  When I discovered that the person sitting next to me is very accomplished at scrapbooking, I was glad that I hadn’t found mine.  Come to think of it, it is still missing!

Crocheted blanket

Completed blanket

Crochet squares and corner of blanket

Patriotic colours and detail of corner

My new blog, Sue’s words and pictures, has settled down to 3 posts a week.  I anticipated a weekly post, but then discovered the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post and a new A to Z Challenge with posts on Fridays.

Life has been rather intense.  An unexpected event in our local community means that in a few months time a number of individuals and families will be moving away.  There is always a trickle of people coming and going, but this looks more like a flood.  The Church also looks towards an unexpected interregnum.  It is important to see this as a challenge and opportunity rather than to look at it as merely a disappointment and to become disheartened.  People whose special friends have gone will need extra care, especially the youngsters.  Having moved fairly long distances a few times I feel an empathy with those about to leave and new arrivals.

After practising for weeks for a service of choral Matins, I succumbed to a virus and was unable to take part.  The words and tunes ran around in my head for days after the event I had missed.  That seemed to increase the disappointment.  After the culmination of rehearsals at a “performance” I am happy to have the occasional ear-worm, which reminds me of a joyful event.  Without having taken part, I was not really encouraged by these songs as I should have been.

On the writing front, I have added a new recording on SoundCloud.  I have also been writing a few more poems, but they may not be finished yet.  And I have done my assignment for the writing group, which meets every two months.  It was not one, for which I had immediate inspiration.  In the past I have written something in the first week after the meeting.  This time I left it for a month and had to remind myself of the topic!

I haven’t been reading books recently, partly because of all the A to Z blogs demanding attention.  No book reviews are waiting in the wings.

So what is coming up in Sue’s Trifles? Next week is mental health awareness week.  (OK, it seems to be the whole of May across the pond.)  I intend to write a post about that.  Sometimes the promised tasty writing surprises of her tagline are a surprise to Sue!



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