Reflections on A to Z in April 2015

This year all my posts (on the Names of God) were prepared and scheduled in advance.  I did edit a few of them before publication, but mostly they were ready. Use of  a standard structure was intended to help anyone landing on a random post understand what the series is about.  The downside of this was that on Google+ all the notifications looked the same and it was impossible to tell which posts had been +1ed.  Some other bloggers avoided this problem by including an identifier (a letter or number) into each opening paragraph.

When commenting on blogs, especially on blogspot blogs, I used my link to my A to Z blog.  I now have three blogs, so it is helpful to direct busy readers to the appropriate blog.  My gravatar profile also does this.  I used Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to promote my posts.

I have renewed friendships with some A to Z Bloggers from previous years and “met” several more.  It is difficult to find a balance between encouraging other bloggers and promoting one’s own blog in comments.

Having been a blogger for around 34 months I have a greater awareness of life in other parts of the world.  I also interact with people of a wide range of ages and from various backgrounds.  Many are living with restraints due to ill-health.  A to Z serves to increase this awareness of the lives of others.

It would be a disappointment if after a month of blogging from A to Z and visiting other A to Zers I did not have a list of blogs to visit.

Writers’ blogs

Faith blogs

Miscellaneous blogs

These are all blogs I was following by the middle of the challenge.  They were in my WordPress reader on 16 April.  Some of them are bloggers I have been following for over a year others recently discovered.  Not all completed the challenge.  One lost her internet connection.  I do not know what happened to the others.  I hope they are OK.

I do not think that failure to complete the challenge due to external circumstances is a total disaster.  It is surely better to sign up with the intention of doing one’s best, than not to sign up at all.  Blogging is only a part of our everyday lives.  For people, who were unable to complete the challenge, there is another chance with weekly posting.

Since the middle of the challenge these bloggers have found me (or I them).

Another great A to Z!  Many thanks to Arlee Bird and his team of co-hosts and helpers.

Many thanks also to my loyal readers and new followers. I appreciate your interest. I hope you have been and will continue to be entertained by Sue’s Trifles.  If you have followed Sue’s considered trifles, perhaps you’d consider following one of Sue’s other blogs as Sue’s considered trifles is drawing to a close.

In particular I’d like to mention the following bloggers, who regularly “like” my posts and/or comment.

Arlee Bird Founder of  the A to Z Challenge and blogger extraordinaire.  His blogs are Tossing it outA faraway view, Wrote by Rote, A Few Words and he also looks after the A to Z Challenge blog  He is also the author of the most comments on Sue’s Trifles!

J Lenni Dorner 

Sylvia of

Hilary Melton-Butcher who has been blogging from A to Z about Cornwall.

If I haven’t mentioned you, I apologise.  Your visits and comments were appreciated.  Please, say,”Hi” in the comments here!

One note to the Co-hosts and their teams of helpers:  Many WordPress bloggers have their spam filters set so that any comment with two or more links goes into the spam folder.  Unless the blogger is vigilant, the comment may never be seen.

Conversely, WordPress bloggers check whether you have any comments in your spam folder – you may have had more engagement than you realised!

Regarding comments.  I have trashed a very small number of comments during this challenge.  Some did not make sense to me.  One very long comment was almost entirely in capitals.  In the context of social media, I understand capitals (uppercase letters) represent shouting.  I am not here to be shouted at.   My posts were intended to invite readers to explore the Christian faith, not to tell them that they must adhere to it in a particular form.

As in previous years, traffic to my blog has increased in April.  For those who are interested in such things I have taken a screen shot of the old stats page.


Sue’s Trifles stats to April 2015

The stats  go back to the start of my blog in March 2013 and include three A to Z Challenges. The month with the most views so far was May 2014 post A to Z.

Sue’s new blog is Sue’s words and pictures  This is a blog with photos taken using a phone camera and descriptions (of places and plants, for example).

And here is a link to an important A to Z, not part of the challenge.

I found it here


25 thoughts on “Reflections on A to Z in April 2015

  1. Thanks for the mention, Sue. I read your posts with interest and refrained from commenting except for once, because I felt my comments would be off-topic.


  2. I never understand people upset that someone uses caps. It’s not yelling. Many people I know who routinely use caps it’s a vision thing. Poor eyesight often causes people to use Caps, because on other blogs they can’t increase the size of their font.

    I wish I understood looking at stats, you’re the 3rd blogger that’s posted charts…how or where does one see that?


    • I don’t know how you find your stats on blogspot. Why not ask on the A to Z blog? The blogger who used caps cut and pasted something from their own blog as promotional material. I may have misunderstood their intentions, but it did not look like a friendly overture. 🙂 Sue


  3. That was a very thorough Reflections post and we thank you for that. I appreciate the kind words as well. Regarding your point about leaving the comments on WP blogs it is so true. I used to have a bit of trouble getting comments through on WP blogs, but after persistently leaving many comments now WP apparently recognizes me and very very rarely to I have a problem leaving a comment. This goes the other way too as I find many of the WP bloggers where I leave comments don’t ever visit back to my blog. I don’t know if it’s because they have problems commenting or they just don’t comment, but it’s something I’ve noticed over the years.

    Thanks for participating with your wonderful theme. You’ve come a long way quickly with your blogging and hope your knowledge continues to increase.

    Thanks for participating during April and with your Reflections post.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host

    Tossing It Out

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    • Thank you, Lee. I find it very difficult to comment on blogs outside WordPress. It takes a long time. The comment box disappears and I frequently have to do an eye test
      Grr! I have visited your blogs more times than I have commented. I expect that is true for other A to Zers. Sue


  4. Hi Sue,
    You participated well if you left as many comments on others as you did on mine. Your AtoZ posts were both informative and fascinating. It was great to meet you and huge thanks for linking to my blog here.

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  5. Hello there.
    Well done for completing the challenge!
    I’m afraid I haven’t yet read any of your posts…I started blog visiting (as per the instructions) beginning with the ones immediately below me in the signup list. I’ve managed about 450+ so far, but the list is so extensive…I’m sure I’ll get to yours eventually. I had issues with wordpress as well…I kept getting told to hit the back button because my comments were spam…how rude! (lol) I did persist most of the time, but on those days I wasn’t feeling well, I just went on my merry way. A very thorough reflections indeed. Thanks for sharing.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

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  6. Finding your blog by way of your reflection. Sorry I didn’t catch you in April. I’m a writer so I tackle that large list by starting with those who say (WR) as a way to make some headway. It is always a great experience, my 3rd year. I have opinions by now as to why things work for participants and why they don’t. Be interested to know if you agree with me. Blessings!

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  7. Congrats on completing the A to Z Challenge! Looking forward to next year! See you on the Road Trip!

    Mary @ Jingle Jangle Jungle


    • Mary, your comment ended up in my spam folder. I can’t see any obvious reason why that should have happened. Thanks for visiting. Yes, I expect I’ll sign up. I need to be more disciplined about visiting blogs than previously though. Sue


  8. Hi Sue – thanks for the mention …. I couldn’t get to grips with your subject matter this year – but that’s my problem and of course it ran all through the 26 letters – I know you suggested I look at your other blog .. but life is too stretched and I was positively galloping – as I was seriously involved with another major project … and the A-Z ended up being done, but not as well as in other years.

    The ‘spam’ comments – I remove and delete them … just to get them out of the way – I never reply to them or comment or try and contact them .. makes matters so much worse. If it looks irrelevant to me – I may leave up … but again there’s no reaction .. in due time I’ll delete.

    Well done on finishing and enjoying another challenge .. cheers Hilary


  9. What a wonderful reflection post! Several other bloggers mentioned leave their links in comments to make life easier on the person you visit. This is something I plan to do next year, but am trying now to incorporate that into my regularly commenting routine. I know how hard it is to find someone when clicking their gravatar profile doesn’t have the correct URL. I didn’t keep track of my before and after site stats. That wasn’t too important to me. I figured if I get extra traffic then great and if not then that’s okay, too. I was doing this all in fun and wasn’t going to stress over it. That’s what I did last year and it took part of the fun away. Best of luck to you keeping in touch with fellow A2Zers in the post-challenge days ahead.

    Curious as a Cathy

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  10. Your theme looks interesting and I will find to read more. Congrats for completing the challenge 3 times in a row!!

    Visiting from the A to Z Road Trip! Great blog!


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