V is for Very God

This April on Sue’s Trifles the theme is the names of God.  There may be more than one name for some of the letters.  There may be others I have omitted.  I hope that by going through the alphabet together we may learn more about the nature of God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Letter V

Very God of very God is a name meaning True God.  Nowadays very and ever so mean extremely.  This name of God is used in the Nicene Creed – a statement of belief, which has been used for centuries.

Virgin-born describes Jesus.   Luke, a doctor, told the story of how his future birth was announced to his mother, Mary and the events surrounding his birth in more detail than the writers of the other gospels.  The full story is in Luke 1-2:40

Vine is a name or description, which Jesus used about himself.  There were vineyards in the land where he lived on earth.  Many of his stories are about vines, vineyards, pruning and other related matters, which his hearers would have been familiar with and understood.  (I wonder how he would speak to people living in modern cities.)

In  John’s gospel a number of claims Jesus made about himself are recounted.  John 15:1-17 is where he claims to be the true vine.



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  1. I don’t recall ever seeing the title “Very God”, but I don’t guess I’ve sat down to study the Nicene Creed. The title does seem archaic, but still appropriate.

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    A to Z Challenge Co-host
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