P is for Prince of Peace

This April on Sue’s Trifles the theme is the names of God.  There may be more than one name for some of the letters.  There may be others I have omitted.  I hope that by going through the alphabet together we may learn more about the nature of God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Letter P


Prince of Peace In Isaiah 9:6 the prophet, Isaiah tells of the birth of the Messiah.  He continues with “He will be called…”.  A list of names follows, including Prince of Peace. Handel set these words to music for his oratorio, The Messiah.

Provider or Providence are names, which describe God’s continuing care for his people.  Many stories in the Bible show how God provided for his people.  During the forty years in the wilderness he provided food (manna and quails Exodus 16), water (notably at Meribah Exodus 17:1-7 and Numbers 20:1-13) and the people’s clothes did not wear out.  Deuteronomy 29:5)

Paraclete is a name of the Holy Spirit.  According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary a paraclete is an advocate.  He is one who represents another.  John 14:16-17 In modern translations the word is Counsellor.

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