Poetry in Lent

A poetry project for Lent attracted my attention and I have written two poems as a result.  I have also read many more poems than usual.  Other participants have also been busy writing.  The details about the project are here.

The second poem I wrote for the Poetic Countdowns: The sacred and the profane is not in my usual style.  Normally I use rhyme and counted syllables.  This one is different.  Hubby suggested an extra line at the end.  I refused to add it. I think it was his response to the poem.

The shepherd on Twitter is here.  The waves in the first verse are in the photograph.

Foaming waves

Foaming waves


Sun, wind, foaming waves.
Inland the wind drives clouds
over the hills and snow falls
inconveniently on roads.

March roars in like a lion.
A shepherd posts snaps of hares
on Twitter.  His upland sheep
are in lamb, while here lambs
are in windswept, sun-kissed fields.

The North wind blows less fiercely –
the lion lying down with the lamb.
White snowdrops are ending,
as many-coloured flowers appear:
crocuses, dainty irises, daffodils,
and lesser celandine.

Lambs’ tails hang from
roadside trees and bobbing backsides.
Soon many will consider
how the shepherd became a lamb
and hung on wood. Dead.
Buried. Sealed in the tomb.

What’s that? Seen alive…
…by one,
by ten or more,
by hundreds?
Jesus alive?

Would you believe it?

© suesconsideredtrifles 4 March 2015

All rights reserved

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