Doll’s trousers and hat (crochet)

Crochet is an easy way of making dolls’ clothes.

In an earlier post I shared a picture of a doll I am attempting to dress.  I was not at all happy with the dress I made for her.  I decided to complete the dress, but to make some more clothes.  Hopefully, some of these would be attractive.

I had some machine knitting 4-ply Glencraig yarn in a shade of blue called denim.  It would be far easier to crochet a pair of jeans than to sew one in a spare piece of denim fabric.

I did not keep a record of the details of my pattern.  The crochet hook was 2.5mm.  I began by making a chain long enough to go round the doll’s waist.  Then I joined the ends of the chain and used double crochet to construct a tube long enough to go from her waist to the top of her legs.

Without breaking the yarn I marked the midpoints of the back and front.  Then I crocheted a chain for the crotch and continued to make a tube for the first leg.  When the desired length was reached, I finished off and rejoined the yarn at the crotch for the second leg.

The picture shows the trousers without any elastic at the waist.  This can be added if required.


Cabbage patch doll with crocheted trousers and hat

For the hat I used the yarn double.  I began with a short chain and worked in treble crochet using a 3.0mm hook.  I increased by working two stitches into each stitch of the previous round.  (Mine was more of a spiral, but this did not matter.)  When the diameter was large enough, I changed the direction by working a row of single stitches into the back loop of the previous row.  Then I worked two decrease rows, one in treble and one in double crochet.  Elastic will be needed to make the hat fit better.

My next project will be a T-shirt, probably with long sleeves.  Watch this space!