A new word

It is a long time since I responded to a Daily Prompt, partly due to my resolution to cut down on blogging.  This is an extra post.

WordPress have invited us to

Play lexicographer

Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.

Thanks for the idea, mrdrawerguy!

My inspiration for a neologism comes from the weather today.  If a window keeps out the wind, I have just taken a photo of a snowdow.  (On other occasions it might be a raindow or a haildow.  Sleetdow is too hard to say, so that would become sleedow.)


4 thoughts on “A new word

    • We have several crocuses and I have seen a very delicate narcissus. Snowdrops do not thrive in our garden, but there are others locally. (Strictly the “d” in my invented word is superfluous, but snowdows sounds better then snowows.) Sue

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