Blogging, belief and books

Blogging, like any form of writing, has a way of bringing our beliefs to the fore.  I wrote about Boxing Day sales in a way that might have suggested that I was not going to the sales at all.  We are still in January and I have shopped in the sales on three different occasions.  My objection to Boxing Day sales is that people don’t seem to have anything better to do at holiday time, than rush out and compete to be the first to obtain some bargain or other.

There are not many people, who could honestly say that they do not like a bargain.  My first visit to the sales was between Christmas and New Year and I purchased two items of clothing.  (I had a voucher to spend.)  The second visit to the shops was on my way to the writing group I have joined.  I bought another item of clothing and a book, which I simply could not resist.

Having a few minutes to spare before catching a bus out of the city centre, I popped into a shop selling stationery, craft items and books.  I wasn’t looking for anything.  The shop was busy with a warehouse clearance sale.  I had already bought a puzzle book, but I stopped near the puzzle section and saw the second book by Mark Forsyth at a very reasonable price.  So I bought The Horologicon and look forward to reading it after the other books I am in the middle of reading.  There is a link on my other blog to Mark Forsyth’s blog.  I was given his first book a few years ago, after hubby had listened to it on Radio 4.

Films do not often attract me, but I really enjoyed The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm.  When I was ten years old, I found the book so funny that I rolled on the floor laughing!  The new film has kept the style of Heath Robinson’s illustrations and adapted ideas from the stories to make a satisfactory plot.  I’m not sure I approve the violence in it, though; women lashing out at unpleasant men – whatever next?

I discovered that I still have the book, so I began to read it again.  Then I started to read a book I bought hubby for Christmas, The Heretic by Henry Vyner-Brooks.  I am also working my way through The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection, which I received for Christmas.  My newest acquisition will have to wait.

My third trip to the shops was on Tuesday.  I had been to Bible study in the morning.  When I arrived home, hubby suggested a trip to one of our favourite destinations.  We decided to go almost immediately.  Once he had cleared the frost from the front windscreen, we were able to set off.  (The other windows were clear.)  We had lunch at a pub we have been to before.  In winter there are special offers on meals.  I amused hubby by asking about wi-fi and checking the weather on my phone.  The views of the fells had been magnificent with the sun shining on them as we drove along.  However neither of us had checked that snow was not forecast.  The traffic was light and I had wondered whether the risk of bad weather was a reason for this.  No snow was forecast for our current location or our home.  We had a look round a few shops and I bought some hand towels.  I was looking out for these as we have very few spare ones in case of visitors.

Back to blogging – I learned this week that the sign-up list for Blogging from A to Z in April will soon be published.  I have taken part twice and thoroughly enjoyed the event.  I number several A to Zers among my blogging friends.  One of my writing priorities must be my posts for the Challenge.  I thought of my theme at the beginning of April last year.  Doing two themes simultaneously (even though I had prepared my posts in advance) seemed impossible, so I have saved the idea for a year and failed to come up with a better one.  What is it?  You’ll have to wait for the theme reveal to find out.

Did you find any bargains in the sales?  Or have any good books for Christmas?



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    • Arlee Bird will be pleased! I joked last year that we’d be causing all the blogging platforms to crash. I’ve started doing mine already and will have all the posts scheduled before April, I hope.
      It is a good experience “meeting” other bloggers. Sue

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