Social media and the difficulties of leading a balanced life

Plenty has been written about social media.  There are predictions for the likely trends with new platforms in 2015.  For instance Instagram now has more members than Twitter.  My default browser opens WordPress and Twitter every time, unless I have clicked on a link from an email, before opening the browser.  (Clicking on links from emails is not always advisable.  There is a danger of having one’s email account compromised.)

If I am intending to write, whether a blog post or my work in progress, I really ought to know better than to have my browser open at all.  In particular I should not have Facebook open and the sound turned on.  Those notification pings sound urgent.  In fact, they can wait or even be turned off.  My work in progress has turned into a work taking a rest!

I enjoy interacting with friends and some writers I have not met via social media, but there are other demands on my time.  While it is tempting to join in with every discussion, it is not necessary.  Another time-consuming diversion is reading everything which appears about writing for publication.  I have been reading this sort of thing on and off for twenty years or more, without having a book to publish.  Preparing a book would be better use of my time.

Instead of sitting down at my computer for too many hours a day (as I did for much of 2014) I am beginning to tackle some long-overdue tasks, organising paperwork, including all my writing and reorganising the contents of cupboards.  The other day I reorganised the knitting patterns, which I collected years ago.  This involved completing a task after the initial momentum and enthusiasm for it had evaporated.  I had to force myself to keep going to the end.

Unfinished cardigan

Unfinished cardigan

My craft projects were not going well towards the end of 2014.  The cardigan I am knitting had run into two problems.  Firstly I seem to be allergic to the wool it is made from and secondly I chose too small a size for myself.  It is possible that it may be suitable for another member of my family, but a fitting is required and we do not live near each other.  It will have to wait.

I bought a cabbage patch doll at the regular coffee morning, with a view to dressing her.  For a long time I have had a desire to dress a doll.  I began by using up oddments of wool and crocheted a pair of shoes and a dress.  The shoes don’t match; I didn’t write down what I did for the first one and did something different for the second one.  On the doll they do not look too bad, but side by side the differences are obvious.  Making the dress, I learned how to make a flat seam when joining crocheted pieces.  I do not like the dress much, so I am making another outfit.  At present I have crocheted the body and one and a bit legs of a pair of trousers in denim coloured 4-ply yarn.  (Oh, I forgot, I also made a pair of knickers after the shoes.)  What I shall do with the doll, when I have made her respectable is yet to be decided.


Doll in disliked dress

I am finding crochet very practical for this project as it is easy to adjust the size and create a suitable shape.  Knitting is kept flat on the needles until finished and sewing is not my favourite craft.  It would involve working out a shape (pattern cutting), cutting out, stitching and finishing.  I could not do it whilst watching videos, although trying to do more than one thing at a time leads to more mistakes than single-minded craft-work.


As there is homework from the writing group I have joined and the meeting is today, I have spent some time writing a poem for that.

I have devised a scheme for reducing the time required to post weekly on my other blog.   With a small amount of effort I should be able to have the posts ready well in advance.  It could be a blogging production line!

Apart from the church choir, all my regular activities stopped for the Christmas and New Year holidays.  They have now recommenced and get me out of the house and into other company.

With so many things to choose from, I could become overwhelmed.  My attitude is that any progress is an achievement and a change is as good as a rest – although rest is important too.

Here are some relevant links to distract you from whatever you regard as a priority today. 🙂

How easily distracted are you?  Do you find it easy to find a balance between doing things you enjoy and things which need to be done?

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  1. This is so true. Truly proficient social media interactive is a full time job with a lot over overtime. I used to spend a lot more time engaged on line, but have cut way back. Still I’m on the computer so much that there are many activities that I neglect. It’s very difficult to achieve balance. No wonder those who can afford it hire somebody to handle much of their social media activities. You’d really have to be rich to do that though or have the person as part of the paid staff at an organization.

    Tossing It Out


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