My first post for 2015

Another New Year!

My previous post summarised my blogging for the last few months.  Perhaps this one should set out my plans for the immediate future.

In order to concentrate on writing my memoirs I am reducing my blogging even more.  Although I find plenty to write about – as was demonstrated by my lengthy stretch of daily blogging – it is a question of time management.  Blogging takes considerably more time than writing.  The post has to be formatted, proofread, linked to other posts, scheduled, publicised on Twitter and Facebook and (assuming there are any) comments replied to.

I intend to publish my posts on Saturdays, although Mondays are better for publicity because of the MondayBlogs hashtag on Twitter.  However there must be a point at which this becomes counter-productive as no-one has time to read all the Monday blogs on Monday.  My intuition tells me that Saturday may well be a day when people have time to relax and read.  With one post a week the latest post will remain on the front page of my blog for a whole week, so whichever day someone visits they have a good chance of reading it.  Seven days only give equal exposure to daily or weekly posting.

My memoirs have been sadly neglected for weeks.  Dealing with difficult memories is taxing and it is easier to do some light blogging.  I hope to be more disciplined in future.

Last year I managed to read more books as I reported here.

If you missed my New Year’s greetings on my other blog, let me repeat them here.

A Happy New Year to you all!

6 thoughts on “My first post for 2015

  1. I have such a similar dilemma that you could have custom written this post for me. I love the blogging, but I do little else if my online activity is overly intense. Reading books seems like something I effectively do only if I am away from home and not able to be online much. Happy mediums! How do we find them and still make all that we want to do happen.

    Good luck to your efforts!

    Tossing It Out


  2. I also want to write a memoir. I’m just having so much trouble envisioning how it will look. I guess I just have to jump in and begin writing! Good luck with your writing and schedule 🙂


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