Christmas is nearly here

Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve.  Last year I joined with many bloggers around the world to write prayers for Christmas Eve.  Mine can be found here.

It has been one of my most viewed posts.  This year people began looking at it around the beginning of December.

Another of my popular posts, which attracts at least one view a week is a craft project.  It has a very specific title, which is search-engine friendly –  Cathedral window patchwork pincushion.  It is probably too late to make one for a Christmas present this year.

I have noticed a reduction in activity on the blog-reading and commenting front in the last week or two.  I expect most people are busy with their own lives and have little time to read what others are doing.  Perhaps there will be time over the holiday period.

I know that holidays differ around the world and even between the various states of the USA.  Here in the UK we have variations between countries.  I believe that England and Wales observe the same Bank holidays, but Scotland and Northern Ireland have variations.   Notably Scotland (where Hogmanay or New Year is an important holiday) has an extra holiday on 2nd January.  When the holidays fall at weekends, the Bank holidays are the subsequent weekdays.  This year that does not apply; with Christmas and New Year’s Days being Thursdays, we can look forward to at least one long weekend (two in Scotland).

I am looking forward to some family time and have prepared my posts in advance.

Happy Christmas to all my readers!

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