London in rhyme

This poem was written in response to a prompt at d’Verse.  It is too late to be part of a linky.

London in rhyme

Urban sprawl
Cannot house all
The people in need.
Bridges span
The Thames for man
To cross them at speed.

Trains, and cars,
Look like jam jars
Full of bottled folk.
Morning rush
Always a crush –
Standing’s no joke.

Return – not soon
Enough for the staff,
Who would like
Room for a bike/
Travel time just half.

Where are friends?
When the day ends
Co-workers disperse.
Home at last,
Make a meal fast
With menus diverse.

Workers gone
Life carries on –
Clubs and pubs open.
Evening shift
For owls is a gift –
Rooms made clean again.

Shows attract;
Theatres are packed
With public and press.
Music’s heard
Without a word.
Folk know how to dress.

Buildings loom
In sun or gloom,
Old, new and rebuilt.
People move,
They can’t remove
The fact of their guilt.

A church spire
Was once higher
Than all around it.
Hidden now,
Faith may somehow
Wake those who found it.

©  suesconsideredtrifles 2014


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