Some of my trifles

I have been tempted to write in response to a few challenges recently.  As I haven’t been making anything in the craft line for a few weeks, I have decided to let you read the results of two of these challenges.

The first gauntlet was thrown down at the September meeting of the writers’ group I joined earlier this year.  The theme was finding peace.  I wrote about that on the way home from London on the train.  When I read my piece out to five other people this month I did not feel that I had written enough and extemporised at the end.  Perhaps I’ll revise it before I share it more widely.

It was at the ladies’ Bible study that the next writing assignment was given out.  This time it was, “Based on the passage from Philippians, write a prayer!”

I wrote one from my heart and completed it before the leader said another word.

Lord God, Our heavenly Father, we pray for our families.
We ask your forgiveness for the times we have failed them by our actions, our words and by what we have failed to do or say.
We ask that you will bring reconciliation where it is needed and that all our families and friends will be drawn to you by your Holy Spirit and will learn what is your good and perfect will.
We pray in the name of our saviour, Jesus Christ.  Amen

Twitter verse has featured here before.  The next invitation was delivered by Tweet – to write a poem about hope and share it on Facebook.  The first four words were given in the Tweet I responded to.  I pondered subconsciously for a few hours and then wrote a verse.  Not exactly a Twitter verse, although it is just about short enough to tweet.  The hashtag is #sharethehope

For me Hope is solid as a Rock;
Not a forlorn hope based on whim,
But a safe haven or dock
Based on knowing and trusting Him.


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