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Grace who? I hear you ask.

One of the friends I have made through blogging published a post about Grace recently.  I agree with Sarah that the more usual acronym was in need of improvement and hers fits the bill.

Many meetings and services end with the words of the grace.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us evermore.  Amen.

How often the expression, familiarity breeds contempt is applicable.  We say the words, but do not meditate on the meaning.  We are asking the Creator, the Saviour and the Helper to be with us and help us show good qualities in our lives.

A book I have been aware of for many years has the title, What’s so amazing about Grace?

A few months ago I decided to read it.  Philip Yancey’s books are recommended by many people.  It was first published in 1997.  It is a book, in which there are many references to recent events.  These are referred to from an American viewpoint.  While I was aware of many of the events at the time, seventeen years is a long time in world politics.  I was not surprised to learn (even as I read this book) that Philip Yancey had a new book on the same subject, which was being published imminently.

Of course, I felt obliged to buy it as well, so that I could compare the two books.  Vanishing Grace: What ever happened to the good news? also refers to recent events.  Reading it I discovered that the author is a journalist!  I knew about his faith and that was all.

The Grace Philip Yancey describes is attractive.  It is something catching.  He is right – there are too few people, who exhibit this wonderful quality, which is a gift of God.

Philip Yancey advises on ways of engaging others in conversations about God.  The gospel is good news, but so often has been presented clumsily or misleadingly.  Having read these two books in fairly quick succession, I feel better equipped to talk to strangers on trains about a subject which matters in the here and now, but also has everlasting value.

(Although I link to Amazon, if you are able to buy books from booksellers, that is a much better option for local services to be able to continue.  Some will even match Amazon’s prices.  Here is a link to UK bookshops, which should be able to help.)


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