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An author I know advertised a special offer for one of her books on Twitter.  I decided to read it and to purchase two other books, which I have been intending to read.

I read “A Yorkshire Christmas” by Kate Hewitt in a single sitting.  The characters were believable and the plot well-constructed.  There was plenty of conflict and suspense.  It is a contemporary romance (con rom), although at one point I wondered if it was about to become a tragedy.  The book seems to be aimed at readers in North America.  As a British reader I found that one or two passages of conversation jarred slightly.  (Unless I am completely behind the times with trends in language, someone in England would ‘go and draw’, rather than ‘go draw’ as Molly did in Chapter 7.)

People in rural Yorkshire speak a dialect of their own.  I wondered how well the book would have worked, had this been used by one of the characters.  I think it was in her book A Woman of Substance, that Barbara Taylor Bradford wrote a whole section in dialect.  Not everyone was able to decipher it, so there are merits in using more standard language particularly for an overseas readership.

Even without dialect the characters in “A Yorkshire Christmas” have some difficulty in communication due to their different cultures.  This is interesting and helpful to readers unaware of the differences in vocabulary across the Atlantic.  Being fascinated by words, I enjoyed this aspect of the book, which lends authenticity and interest to the story.

It is a good read involving the emotions as well as the mind.

Kate Hewitt also writes as Katharine Swartz with books including, The Vicar’s Wife, which I enjoyed reading in paperback immediately after publication.

The other books I downloaded are “Fisherground: Living the dream” by Ian Hall and Finding the Way through Water by Roland K Price.  These are both authors with whom I have a very tenuous connection.

Watch this space!


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