October flowers

Following a very mild, dry September I have noticed a wide selection of  wild and garden flowers still in bloom (or not completely over) in October.  I began my list towards the beginning of the month, but have been adding to it as I have walked around the local area.

Wild flowers I have noticed are dandelion, daisy, pink campion, heartsease (wild pansy), foxglove, and feverfew.  The last three on the list grow in my garden.  The first two are not welcome here!  Pink campion seems to know its place in the hedgerows.



Fuchsia, geranium, pelargonium, begonia, rudbeckia, campanula, potentilla, clematis, hebe, sweet peas, winter jasmine, roses, Californian poppies, hydrangea, honeysuckle, perennial cornflower, pansies, peppermint, heuchera, phlox, gladioli, white alyssum and poppies have all continued to show their blooms into this autumn.  I noticed that the seed heads of pelargonium are similar to those of the cranesbill (true geranium) family.  Perhaps that is why pelargoniums are commonly known as geraniums.  From the car I spotted a lovely yucca in flower.

sweet peas after gales

Sweet peas after gales

The leaves have also stayed on the trees longer than in some years.  The weather has included the gales following hurricane Gonzalo.  Some damage to trees has occurred locally.


Forgotten name

There have also been butterflies and bees, midges and other insects due to the mild weather.  I mentioned in my post Michaelmas Day how late the swallows had stayed this year.

How are the seasons where you are?  (I find it hard to remember it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere.)   A blogger I follow has a related post.

The last photo here is of a flower in our garden.  I cannot remember its name and have failed to find it in a book.  The flowers grow of the end of very flat stems. The seed pods are knobbly.  I know it grows well near water.  Do you know what it is called?

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  1. hi sue, some of my geraniums are still doing pretty well. We have margeuritas (think that is how you spell it), which have self seeded and are coming through and flowering; also in our garden there is a wildflower in full bloom; my neighbours spring bulbs are emerging and peeking through the soil, some of my bizzies lizzies are still flowering too (they have done quite well this year), x


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