My Twitter verse

The recent past has included National Poetry Day.  Twitter was flooded with would-be poets, publishers and poetry-lovers all trying to be heard.  My efforts were lost in all the kerfuffle.

However a few days later, the person posting as @OurCofE asked about Christian Twitter verse and commented about rhyming possibilities for vicar and rector.  I went into nonsense verse writing mode and came up with

In an conflagration a vicar with a hose
might be quicker than a rector
with a smoke-detector, who knows?

Since then I have been aiming to post a Twitter verse in a similar vein each day for the week of Mark Tanner’s incumbency on that Twitter account.  (He is the warden of a theological college.)

My second one was

A vicar using a cherry-picker
Borrowed a reflector from a rector.

My third

I wonder if a vicar can
recite the creed quicker than
a deacon and a rector can. #rhymebeforegrammar

(I went to a grammar school and know full well that in this context it should be “more quickly”.)


And it came to pass
before midnight mass
that a vicar did pick
a rector to protect her.


When people tried to trick her,
the vicar sent for
a rector with a lie-detector. #discernment


When it was time for formal prayer
The rector’s collar was where?
By the computer on his director’s chair!

My seventh is about spelling and pronunciation.  It is too long to tag anyone, so not a good example of Twitter verse.  And you saw it first here as it will appear on Twitter tomorrow.

For overseas readers a word of warning:
Warning rhymes with morning,
but warden does not rhyme with garden,
for which we beg your pardon.

Next week my Twitter followers may have a holiday from my nonsense – assuming I have any followers left after this silliness.

Just for the record, this is not my first foray into Twitter verse.  I wrote one for a daily prompt (Childlike).

T-wit, t-wit,
T-wit, t-woo.
I’m a newbie on t-witter
How do you do?

My post When was the last full moon? includes another short nonsense verse and the explanation of how I came to write it.  It is short enough to Tweet, but I think Twitter has been spared so far!

I think in rhyming coup….
let’s dance the night
away in a mān…

Another post tells the story of how I ended up with a strange Twitter handle.

I enjoy Twitter.  What about you?