Blog Action Day 2014 is October 16

Blog Action Day 2014 is October 16 – not long now.  The theme is inequality.  There is a badge (in my sidebar), which participants may display on their blogs and hashtags to use on social media: #Blogaction14, #Inequality, #Oct16.

Blog Action Day 2014

Blog Action Day 2014

Last year the theme was human rights.  I only found out about it a short time before. Action for girls and slaves was my contribution. I joined Twitter to follow what was going on. This year my approach is quite different. My post has been written for several weeks. I shall be busy in the morning.  Coincidentally I used the word “inequality” in my post last year!

This is an opportunity for bloggers around the world to raise awareness of not-for-profit organisations working to make the world a fairer place.
And about Twitter – I couldn’t think of any reason to use it before Blog Action Day. I have made friends through it – and even met some of them. I keep up to date with current events and I have also won books through it!  (Thanks to Hodder Faith and Church House Bookshop)

Incidentally today is an awareness day for bipolar disorder (formerly known as manic depression). My Blog Action Day post is about mental health issues.