Before the summer holidays several of the craft group ladies made pretty dresses for a charity project Dress a girl around the world.  This worthwhile project provides girls with a pretty dress each, which should last them for a few years.  It is hoped that they will be respected and less likely to be attacked.

I did not take part in the project as I knit for charity and find that less demanding than sewing.  Craft group is something I regard as relaxation rather than work.

I keep in touch with two friends I knew at school.  This week I was fortunate to be able to meet up with each of them. One surprised me with her enthusiastic account of a recent trip she made to Uganda with a small charity founded and run by someone she knows.  Supporters sponsor children’s education.  Among other useful commodities they took some of these sorts of dresses (which may be made from pillow cases).

Of course the interweb makes the dissemination of information very easy, but I still find these sorts of connections (or coincidences) pleasantly surprising.  There are many links between what my friends in the various parts of the world are involved with.

My other friend showed me holiday photos showing trees decorated with knitted fabric.  She hadn’t heard of yarn-bombing.  I’m not sure whether there are any benefits (apart perhaps from tourism) arising from yarn-bombing.  Organisations such as Knit for Peace might be a better outlet for the output of prolific knitters.

I wrote this post on my tablet on the train.  On my return home I found that one of my writer friends on Facebook was giving thanks for special friends.  So am I!