Blogging to date

This is the third post looking back over my posts from earlier this year.  Now I need to look forward and decide what is worth writing about.

Tourist trap (Guest post from Johanne Winwood)

Why does nobody find my blog? Indeed!

Have you missed me? My intentions to reduce blogging frequency

Delayed flight a daily prompt for which I had a suitable photo

City planners a daily prompt

Blogging experiment I posted from a tablet

Rare medium A daily prompt led to my debut on Soundcloud

Other -ers This expands on my Twitter profile

My method of blogging describes how I produce my posts for Sue’s considered trifles.

Twittering about books A month long Twitter challenge

The second book of Samuel and the ladies’ Bible study group

Bridging the gap how no to suffer from writer’s blck

What I have read in  June A humorous post about books

Birds at Sizergh Castle  an outing

The Reisenbach Problem A book review

Another cushion A craft project

Earworm a daily prompt

Singular sensation – a ripple of laughter a prompt from 365 Days of Writing Prompts

Technology, tools and loom bands a weekend with a theme!

Stranger in a strange land a prompt from 365 Days of Writing Prompts

What is kindness? the weekly writing challenge

The stats connection a daily prompt about the most viewed posts

Alexander McCall Smith – a favourite author A post about books I have read

Blogging and stress A post about Blogging as a cause of or relief from stress

The state of my year 365 Days of Writing Prompts

A Flower Festival – Part 1

A Flower Festival – Part 2

A Flower Festival – Part 3

What is the opposite of writer’s block? A daily prompt

My blogging plans Why I decided to blog less

20 widgets described these were on my blog at the time of posting

How do you use social media?

How a spectacles case became a picture a craft post

Book review: Neither Here nor There

What I had for Christmas Not a complete list: I also had some piano music I wrote about before and a surprise present from a friend afterwards.

New day dawning Another daily prompt for which I had a photo available

A game of Scrabble® I wonder who won…

End of summer blogging survey The first part of my review of posts after the summer

Sunflowers and beyond a tribute to blogger, Tina Downey

How do I get spirituality? Faith

Blogging overview continued The second part of my review.  (This post is the third and brings us up-to-date.)

A crocheted baby blanket A craft post

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