Sunflowers and beyond

This post is part of the Blogging from A to Z Community’s tribute to Tina Downey.

Trying to make sense of the premature death of someone we love is not easy.

I have said farewell to several people either younger than me as Tina was, or only a few months or years older.  It doesn’t seem to get any easier.  While we miss the person, who has gone before us, we must not lose sight of the faith, which should sustain those of us, who share Tina’s beliefs.

The following post appeared soon after I heard the sad news – and that of the death of two others I knew locally and one I followed on Twitter.  It seemed like a timely reminder that death is not the end.

Why Jesus waited

After reading Tina’s post about her sister taking a sunflower up a mountain, I commented with a link to a post of mine with sunflowers in it.  As I had one view from the US that day, I’d like to think it was Tina and that she enjoyed the pictures.

A grateful heart

A grateful heart

Tina enriched the lives of many bloggers and will be greatly missed.  Her family and friends are in my prayers (as Tina was).

I suffer from hayfever myself, so please excuse me for recycling two photos I took in July at Burrswood, Kent during their flower festival.

All things bright and beautiful

All things bright and beautiful

Tina believed, “Life is good”.  She had a grateful heart.  I pray that all of us who are marking her life today and our readers might have life abundantly.  John 10:10


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