End of summer blogging survey

I was so busy with blogging and life away from the computer that I published my 400th post on this blog without even noticing.  As the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere draws to a close it is probably a good time to reflect and plan for the months ahead.

My next few posts will remind loyal readers of what I was doing earlier this year.  I have lost track of much of this myself.  New followers – welcome.  I hope you find something of interest.

Tips for new bloggers on WordPress.com This post describes how to include the A to Z badge as a text widget and letters in posts.

Review of my year of blogging on Sue’s Trifles A post including all the countries from which people have read my blogs.

Write from the start A response to a writing prompt about my early memories of writing.

How Google+ may help A to Z Challenge Participants My early thoughts about using Google+ and some interesting comments from A to Zers.

The mother of the prodigal son A post for Mothering Sunday

Looking forward to Blogging from A to Z in April

My next posts were for the A to Z challenge and are listed in a separate tab.  Sundays are not part of the challenge, so the next four posts here are from the Sundays in april 2014.

My annual garden survey  I compared the flowers in bloom on 31 March for 5 consecutive years.

Palm Sunday This post and the next are part of my occasional series about the seasons of the Christian year.

Easter Day is central to the Christian faith.

A to Z is coming to an end A reflection on how the A to Z Challenge had been going.  I had been to the UK Blog Awards evening by this time and a few posts resulted from that enjoyable experience.

Budget fashion accessories –  a craft post

UK Blog Awards 2014 – the Awards Evening

A to Z reflections post This is an extra blog-hop after the month of April.  Participating bloggers share their experiences.

Analysis of blog stats and strategy  A look at various factors affecting traffic to blogs and how entering UK Blog awards 2014 helped.

Some blogging tips  a few things I have learned about blogging

More about the UK Blog Awards The organisers promised there would be plenty to blog about.

UK Blog Awards – the goody bag which I almost left without!

I enjoyed the whole process of entering the UK Blog Awards last year (#UKBA14).  My priorities are slightly different now.  I have been exercising my writing muscles by blogging.  Now I am trying to write something of more lasting value.  This does not leave me with the time or energy required to enter the #UKBA15.

The 2015 UK Blog Awards are accepting entries until 31 October 2014.

To be continued…