20 widgets described

Blogging on WordPress.com gives me the option of using widgets.  These allow me to provide information and links in my sidebar here on Sue’s Trifles or below my posts on my other blog – Sue’s considered trifles.  Where these widgets appear may be chosen to some extent, but only within the limitations of the template aka WordPress theme chosen.  (It is possible to change one’s theme, but I have good reasons for sticking with the first one I chose for each blog.) Here I am providing a guided tour to my widgets on Sue’s Trifles at a point in time.  I remove widgets as they become out-dated and add widgets as they become topical. So at 08/08/2014 I have from top to bottom

  1. Award-free blog (Text widget)
  2. A follow by email widget (Follow blog widget)
  3. RSS links for posts or comments (RSS links widget)
  4. Disclaimer regarding adverts (Text widget)
  5. Link to my other blog (Text widget)
  6. Link to recent posts on my other blog (Display WordPress posts widget)
  7. Link to Christianity.org including the official button/badge (Image widget)
  8. Links to recent posts on this blog (Display WordPress posts widget)
  9. My gravatar (Gravatar Profile widget)
  10. Invitation to like my Facebook page (Facebook Like Box)
  11. Invitation to follow on Twitter (Text widget)
  12. List of ten top rated posts (5/5 stars) (Top Rated widget)
  13. Archives (select month) widget (Archives widget)
  14. List of all the categories used on this blog (Categories widget)
  15. Contact details (Text widget)
  16. Blog Action Day 2014 (Image widget)
  17. Ultimate road trip badge (Post A to Z Challenge Blog Hop) (Image widget)
  18. A to Z Survivor 2014 badge (Text widget)
  19. A to Z Survivor 2013 badge (Image widget)
  20. UK Blog Awards 2014 finalist badge (Image widget)

The widget settings may be chosen from the WordPress.com dashboard menu under Appearance. It is interesting that badges may be displayed using text or image widgets.  I can never remember how to do these, so for my benefit as much as anyone else’s, here are the instructions: For an image widget, where I copied the image into my media library (after copying it to my computer), the following fields have to be completed.  (Prompts are in bold type)

Widget title: Blog Action Day 2014 participant
Image URL: https://suestrifles.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/155x250bad14bloggerbadge.jpg
Alternate text: ( ? ) Blog Action Day 2014 participant
Image title: ( ? ) Blog Action Day 2014 participant
Caption: ( ? ) #Blogaction14 #Inequality #Oct16
Image Alignment:      None Left Center Right None
Width:   250 Height: 155 If empty, we will attempt to determine the image size.
Link URL (when the image is clicked): http://www.blogactionday.org

For a Text widget to display a badge some html is required in the text box. Title: A to Z survivor 2014

<a href=”http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/”><img alt=”” src=”http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-slQ6OiKVhQA/U2DkajMbkII/AAAAAAAACpE/quWPgHpokrg/s1600/survivor-atoz%2B%255B2014%255D%2B-%2BSMALL.jpg&#8221; title=”A to Z survivor 2014″ /> </a>

All the badges on my sidebar are active links to other websites or blogs. Having so many widgets in a sidebar means that many visitors to a single post on Sue’s Trifles may  not find the >> or << allowing them to navigate to other posts.  I am considering introducing a standard sentence on every post to help avoid this difficulty. Please scroll down to access other posts using the >> or << links.