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After blogging daily for months on end, I reduced my posting frequency to three times a week on Sue’s Trifles.  Now I intend to reduce that to twice a week – on Tuesday and Saturday.  I’ll still be publishing an archive links post on Sue’s considered trifles on Thursdays, but no post here.  My new material on Sue’s considered trifles will continue to appear on Mondays.

It is not that I am short of material or ideas, rather that I am trying to achieve a better balance in my life and to work on other writing projects, which I consider to be more important than my blogs.

It is interesting that a number of bloggers I follow have also decided either to take a complete break from blogging or to cut down on their output.  Blogging can easily become addictive.  Anything which begins to be an obsession needs watching carefully.  The biblical concept of an idol is something that takes the place of the true God.

As I write this, days in advance of its publication date, I am aware of the need to keep in contact with God throughout the day.  In the morning I like to have a quiet time lasting about 20 minutes, during which I read the Bible and a commentary (New Daylight), pray using a book by Stormie Omartian (mine is pink!), prayer diaries from two organisations and the Church I belong to, my own prayer lists and the Book of Psalms.

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By the time I have done this, I feel as if my personal wi-fi has connected and I am ready to eat my breakfast or boot up my computer, depending on how early I have woken.  (I eat breakfast at about the same time each day, but sometimes I get up at the crack of dawn.)

I am also aware that I am “following” far too many blogs.  There is no way that I can read every post by bloggers I find interesting.  At least not if I am to do all the other things I need to do, including writing.  So if I haven’t “liked” a post on your blog for a while, I am sorry.  I may even have you on my prayer list and remember you at least once a week.  God knows what you are experiencing and writing about.  He is outside time and doesn’t need to prioritise in the same way we mere mortals do!

He also promises, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  James 4:8

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  1. I think this is a good plan. I did the same when I was on a 7 day schedule and found the need to cut back and even that has not been enough. I am in the reevaluation process about blogging. I love it, but it does take so much time, especially when you are trying to reach out to so many other bloggers by visiting and commenting on their blogs. I’ve cut back on that as well and I see the results in my own comments. Sometimes there are just other things that take priority.

    Wrote By Rote


  2. Good honest post! I too have the Stormie Omartian book (also pink) plus I am just completing a year with New Daylight (have bought Day by Day with God to try in September)
    Being new to blogging I don’t feel I have got into my stride yet, plus with work I’m not managing regular posts yet, need to find a happy medium. Also, unlike my journal, I am aware I can’t be too honest (perhaps) on my blog (which inhibits me a bit!!)


    • I have hand-written journals as well. Even there I do not share everything! A few of my friends use Day by Day with God, but I haven’t tried it. I meet with other women for Bible study, so perhaps New Daylight is a better option for me. Sue


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