The state of my year

July 29

State of your year

Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

Another prompt from 365 Days of Writing Prompts

This year has involved more time away from home without hubby than usual.  I spent a week away in the winter and another in the spring.  I have written at length about my adventures in the spring already – three posts about the UK Blog awards.

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UK Blog Awards – the goody bag

I have recently arrived home after another week away.

My blogging became too time-consuming early in the year, but I continued to keep to a frequent posting schedule until early in June, when I finally admitted that you can have too much of a good thing;  I reduced my posting frequency from daily to three times a week and am watching the statistics with interest.

Mixed progress in achieving my targets

My blogging goals revisited

My craft projects have included sweaters for the grandchildren, hats, a crocheted waistcoat and an owl, which I began at craft group and completed at home.  It escaped the camera and now resides with a friend of mine.  I have also made a cushion and cover to find a use for a piece of canvas-work I stitched a while ago.  My current project is a woolly for myself.  (Hubby doesn’t like wearing knitted garments.)

One enjoyable surprise was when I went into a tent belonging to a wildlife charity to shelter from the rain and learned lots of new things about local creatures.  A crowd gathered and I’m sure everyone heard something that was new to them.

I have joined a writers’ group, continued with my activities in the local community and had some outings either with hubby or friends.  Apart from a nasty virus in the spring, I have been blessed with good health.

As well as reading blogs, I have read a number of books.  I have learned to play some new pieces on the piano – the Christmas present I was happiest to receive was a copy of two pieces by Peter Maxwell Davies.  Other musical activities have included singing in the church choir – singing an anthem most weeks as well as hymns – and another choir with a summer concert earlier this month.

I have been fortunate in meeting new people including some writers and musicians.

A strange experience was when my son took me with his wife and their two children to a garden centre I last visited before he was born.  Had I been blind-folded for the journey I should not have recognised it!

I have just returned from a holiday with Mum and I am looking forward to a reunion next month with a group of people I have not seen for more decades than I care to specify.  After that, who knows what the year will bring?