Singular sensation – a ripple of laughter

The prompt for July 12 from 365 Days of Writing Prompts is

Singular sensation

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

If I make one person laugh or even smile, I am happy.  If the person is struggling with anxiety and/or depression, and they forget their worries for long enough to be amused by something I have written, then I am even happier.

My main aim in writing is to inform and entertain or perhaps the order of importance should be to entertain and inform.

Of course, my loyal readers will be aware that I have two blogs.  My other blog has the same philosophy.  I am writing there about the way the English language was used in my earlier days.  I try to introduce some humour.  I occasionally tweet things, which are supposed to be funny, but with my following of just over 100, the ripple made by any tweet of mine on the Twittersphere is miniscule.  Now did I hear a ripple of laughter?

I like ripples.  A disturbance in still water spreads out in a circle and on and on…

…until it meets another ripple and the ripples interact.  Our words and actions can be like ripples.

My writing might cause a ripple, make someone stop and think, spark off an idea for another blog post, a Tweet, a cartoon, a song or a smile.  Perhaps someone will take a look at the badges on my blogs and click on the links to other sites, perhaps finding out what matters most to me.  That would be an example of a ripple spreading.

I don’t think the ripple will be big enough to cause waves, but if the boat was small enough, might it rock the boat?

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2 thoughts on “Singular sensation – a ripple of laughter

  1. The way I see it, as someone who likes to write, what I put in my blog is more apt to be read by someone than if I were to just write it in a notebook. I write to be read and a few people stop by to read my blog posts now and then.



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