The Reisenbach Problem

I mentioned The Reisenbach Problem by Martin Allison Booth in an earlier post about my New Year’s resolution  to read more books.  It is published by Lion Fiction.

Jacket image for The Reichenbach ProblemThis book is a mystery with a difference.  It surrounds the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Instead of creating a mystery for his hero to solve, the famous author has become a character in a work of fiction!

The story unfolds as he travels to Switzerland and visits the Reisenbach Falls.  There is suspense, adventure, clues to be followed and characters to be understood.  There is even code to be cracked.  Had I been reading this book at home, I might well have investigated how the code worked.   As it was holiday reading for me I took it on trust.

I have just learned that J. R. R. Tolkien used the Reisenbach Falls as his inspiration for Rivendell.

I enjoyed this book, which also contains some reflective passages wrapped up as conversation.