Bridging the gap

I suppose writer’s block could be considered to be a sort of gap.  No ideas for blog posts… a gap in the head!

Bloggers, who read, are unlikely to be short of ideas.  Sometimes there are too many to follow up and choices have to be made.

Yesterday I read a fascinating post by an amazing lady who lives down under.  (That’s British slang for in Australia.)  I hope all my readers will click the link and be educated, as I was.

The expression building bridges does not yet appear in my blog about the English language, but I have mentioned “Flying a kite” and some other phrases using bridge or bridges.

Did you know that a kite was used in research into lightning?  Benjamin Franklin flew one during a thunderstorm.

Have other bloggers inspired any of your recent posts?

4 thoughts on “Bridging the gap

  1. I’ve just started blogging so I’m getting inspired by everyone! I love blogs that have a sense of a schedule (like posting something specific every Friday or Sunday). I have a hard time following blogs that are random and don’t have a unifying theme. I’m still working on this for my own blog as well.


    • I post twice week on Sue’s considered trifles and three times a week on Sue’s Trifles. I did have a prolonged spell of posting daily, but that was unsustainable. It took me a while to even attempt regular blogging. Best wishes for your blogging. Sue


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