The second book of Samuel

This academic year the Ladies Bible Study Group continued with the Second Book of Samuel using a commentary by Dale Ralph Davis- Out of every adversity.

Last year we looked at the First Book of Samuel.  I wrote about that here.

Some very unhappy incidents are described in 2 Samuel.  While I could appreciate the commentator’s levity in 1 Samuel, there were occasions in this study, where I felt that the attempts at humour did little to relieve the pain in the story.

Having said that, some light was shed on the more difficult passages and there were challenging questions to consider.

Not all of 2 Samuel is heavy going.  Chapter 22 and Chapter 23:1-7 are words sung or spoken by King David in a style reminiscent of his Psalms.

We enjoyed meeting as a group and hope to have a look at one of the New Testament Epistles after our summer break.


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