My method of blogging

My other blog (Sue’s considered trifles) is (mainly) a work in progress (WIP). I began by creating a Word document and typing sayings, proverbs, phrases and suchlike into it. Then I started to organise it into subject matter. I divided it into manageable chunks and copied a section at a time into a series of other Word documents, where I expanded the content to a blog post.

I took my harp to the party and nobody asked me to play.
Harping on about something.
Playing second fiddle.
She led me a merry dance.
As fit as a fiddle.
As bold as brass.
Don’t blow your own trumpet.
He didn’t miss a beat.
Having a ball.
Behind the scenes
All the world’s a stage.
Tripping the light fantastic.
Marry in haste; repent at leisure.
They go at a snail’s pace.
They’ve gone for good.
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
It’s seen better days.
Here’s your hat; where’s your hurry?
Hurry up.
Champing at the bit.
Live to fight another day.
Tomorrow never comes.
I wasn’t born yesterday.
Tomorrow is another day.
A waste of time.
As good as new.

At the eleventh hour.

The sections in my master file were highlighted once they had been copied. Each section appears before a page break in the file. I am continuing to collect material. I use notebooks to jot down ideas.

From time to time I add to the file, using the Find function on Word to avoid duplication. I have sessions of looking through the latest additions to see whether there are any themes. When I am working on a post I may have a pile of books next to me for reference.

The two posts developed from the skeletons above are Making a song and dance and On Time (Part 4)

I developed my method of working a bit at a time. Originally I marked items I had used with a different special character for each post and did not use page breaks. Then I realised I could save time and effort by the method I use now.

My working practices mean that when I begin a new post I do not have to find an idea from the ether (or wherever ideas live before they come into our heads). I simply have to choose between sections of text I have already typed out. I try to mix the subjects and to pick out something, which appeals to me. I may take several days before a single post is ready for publication. If I really concentrate on Sue’s considered trifles, I am capable of writing three posts a week, but I prefer to have a more varied life.

Do you have a particular way of writing? Or a particular time and place for planning what you are going to write about?


2 thoughts on “My method of blogging

  1. I usually have to think of a larger theme otherwise my writing all looks like journal entries. I try to think of what I want to write for the day while I’m doing yoga–hence the yoga focus on my blog. I haven’t figured out how to organize my freewrites though–maybe I’ll try something like you’re suggesting because now they’re in a folder called “freewrites” which is not helpful at all.


    • On my other blog, I.e. this one, I respond to prompts or write about whatever is on my mind. I also have a folder called “ideas for posts” containing a file called ideas (among other files). I intend to highlight those I have used, but I just checked and it wasn’t up-to-date! Sue


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