Other -ers

My Twitter profile describes me as blogger, knitter, lots more -ers.  I have decided to wrote a short post about, er, the other -ers.

I consider myself to be a writer, a pen-pusher perhaps.  I am a recorder-player, playing – at various times – descant, treble, tenor and bass recorders.  I am a piano-player, which is quite different from a player piano.
I like to be thought of as a team-player, although I do not play sports.
Someone, who uses a needle and thread could be a sewer, but not a drain.
At various times I have to dust and hoover, but a duster is a piece of cloth and a Hoover is a vacuum cleaner.  Cleaning is the work of a cleaner.
I am a daughter, a mother, mother-in-law and a grandmother.
Doer is a description of an active person.  I read, becoming a reader, a thinker, a walker, but someone, who prays is not usually a prayer – that is the words or thoughts offered to God.  Perhaps a person is a pray-er.
Helper and encourager might describe me better than leader.  Follower, giggler, chatterer, natterer, occasional gardener, sometime rug-maker/basket-maker/machine knitter, dressmaker, nature-lover, dreamer, believer, customer, member of the Church of England, the National Trust and one or two other organisations.  Worshipper (of God), choral singer, chorister, shopper (but not usually for food as hubby does that while I am being a volunteer).  Researcher, compiler and maker of lists.

Er, is that enough?


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