Why does nobody find my blog?

I was surprised when someone liked my first/second post. How did she find my blog?
As a newbie, I did not know about the WordPress Reader. Categories and tags were something of a mystery. Publicize scared me.

So nearly two years on, what have I learned?

The “interweb” works by making connections. The more connections you make (with people who share your interests), the more traffic you are likely to attract to your blog.

A blog seemed a good place for me to write; I had no idea it was a form of social media. My Facebook account was a means to an end – to see family photos – not for keeping in touch with people in general and friends in particular.
Nearly two years on, what would I advise new bloggers to do?

• Before starting a blog, set up an email address specifically for blogging.

• Write your About page (and publish it).

• Set up widgets to allow others to

1. follow your blog
2. follow you on Twitter
3. like your Facebook page (A Facebook page has to be set up from your Facebook account, but is separate from it)

• If you have accounts on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ it will be easier to attract people to your blog. (If you haven’t, don’t try to do everything at once.)

• Have a look at the WordPress support documents. Signing up to the Daily Post will help keep you informed of new developments at WordPress.

• Responding to writing prompts and signing up for blogging events are two ways of *meeting* the blogging community.

• Make sure you Gravatar is linked to your blog.

• Like and comment on posts by other bloggers.

• Decide how much of your activity on WordPress you wish to be public and set up your widgets accordingly.

• Reply to comments on your blog.  (Customise your sharing and discussion settings.)

• Schedule posts for times when you are busy.

• Decide how automated or personal you wish your publicity to be on other social media sites. (I have Google+ automated, but manually add posts on Twitter and Facebook) Schedule Tweets for scheduled posts if you are not using publicize).

• Save your blogging favourites somewhere else on your computer as well as in your browser (I lost all my links to WordPress support, when I was forced to change browsers!)

• Read hints and tips by other bloggers such as The Fairy Blog Mother and Gareth Mailer


3 thoughts on “Why does nobody find my blog?

  1. Excellent suggestions. I’ve seen blogs that have been around for many years with decent content yet they never seem to have many comments and have very few if any followers. It surprises me to see this sort of thing, but obviously those bloggers have never grasped to points you make here or maybe just don’t care. If one is going to spend time writing blog posts it seems like they would want to take a least a few steps to draw some traffic. It’s really not all that difficult.

    A Faraway View


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