IE Day

When I started my first blog, it was just going to be about phrases and sayings remembered from my childhood.  I soon realised how many of these were from the only English translation of the Bible, which was available at that time – the Authorised (or King James) Version.  I began to provide links to verses using theses phrases.

I was sent to Sunday School as a child and at the age of thirteen decided for myself that Christianity was the world religion, which made the most sense.  If everyone followed the teachings of Jesus Christ there would be peace on earth and goodwill towards men – the message of the angels at his birth.  I was confirmed as a member of the Church of England.

For most of my life I have been active in worship and Bible study, although I did have a time in my life, when I gave this up for a number of years.  Becoming a mother led me back to God.  I try to set time aside each day to read the Bible and to pray.  I sing in the choir at church on Sundays and I am active in my local community.  I believe that God gives Christians strength and ability through the Holy Spirit (also called the Spirit of Christ).

Christians believe in one God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the Trinity.  Three in One and One in Three is a difficult concept, but God is Love and how can there be Love without relationship, community or fellowship?

As I tagged my posts “Bible”, other Christians read my posts and I began to see what they were blogging about.  Most of them were writing to encourage believers.  When I was a teenager, someone said to me, “Perhaps one day you will be a missionary.”

That scared me.  The idea of travelling to strange places and telling people about Jesus was not what I wanted to do.  I suppose I rebelled.  And I felt guilty.

With the opportunities for writing and interacting with others on the internet, perhaps in some small way I am now able to spread the good new about Jesus.  Writing my blogs has given me a sense of peace and joy, which I did not have before.

I do not intend to write about my beliefs as the main part of my blogs.  Rather I write about the things which interest me here on Sue’s Trifles and share something about my life and outlook.  My posts with the category seasons are about the Christian year.   On my other blog I am still exploring the meaning of English words, sayings and idioms in what I hope is an entertaining and informative manner.  I include book reviews on both blogs.

If anyone wants to read more from the Bible, links open in a new tab.  I also have a button, which links to a website giving more information about Christianity.

I welcome readers of all religions and none.  I hope that there is something of interest for anyone, who comes across my blogs.  I approve and reply to most comments.  My pingback policy is that I visit the post and if I enjoy it, I approve it.  If not, I trash it (or in extreme cases mark it as spam!)  This is my on-line space and I am allowed to keep it “tidy”.

Today is IE Day.  If you are a Christian and would like to tell others how your faith makes a difference to your life, why not do so on a blog or other social media?


2 thoughts on “IE Day

  1. I actually don’t encounter many people in my current lifestyle. If I’m not at home I usually at church so I don’t have much opportunity to witness to others without going out to make an effort. Having my blog I can open up for those who might happen to read and I guess that’s better than doing nothing at all.

    Keep up the good work you’re doing.

    Tossing It Out


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