Breaking the silence – or not

This morning before the service in church a number of things occurred to me which I wanted to say to someone.  In at least two cases I said nothing.

I wanted to ask about a wife, who was absent from choir practice, but thought it might take her husband’s mind off the service.  It could wait until afterwards.

(Afterwards I spoke to the lady herself.)

After we had lined up at the back of the church waiting to process in, there was loud chattering from two ladies near the back during the notices.  In the procession behind me several people were looking round to spot the culprits.

They were both friends of mine.  I’d have liked to give them a piece of my mind after the service.  In fact I talked to both of them separately and walked part of the way home with them.  I did not mention their faux pas.

After lunch I checked the daily prompt and realised how well it fitted with the events of the morning.

I told hubby as we went for a walk about the things, which had happened in the morning, which had not been quite according to plan.  (There was a failure of communication between the choir and a leader and failure to notice a choir member by the leader, who shut him out of the vestry by accident!  However it was a good service and the informal time afterwards was particularly friendly and enjoyable.)

Hubby also had to listen to my description the nature of the daily prompt and was a little confused about what should’ve meant in this context.  (I’m sure the preceding wording said “censored yourself” when I read it earlier!)

Coming indoors and preparing to sit down at my computer, I realised that my friends should have been given the benefit of the doubt.  One of them, who had her back to the speaker, has a hearing problem.  She may have been unaware of the fact that the notices were being given out.  The other friend was not looking directly at the front as her attention was on the person speaking to her.  It is quite possible that she was suffering from temporary deafness as she is a bell-ringer and had just spent half an hour in the bell-tower.  The sound of the bells may still have been ringing in her ears.

If someone closer to them had just tapped them on the arm and pointed to the speaker, all might have been well.  (I was not near enough.)  To mention it afterwards would have been making an issue of it.

I have both their e-mail addresses.  I could send them a link to this post.  But I think that would not be helpful to anyone, what do you think?

 Break the Silence

When was the last time you really wanted (or needed) to say something, but kept quiet? Write a post about what you should’ve said.


8 thoughts on “Breaking the silence – or not

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  2. HI Sue – I usually open my big fat kop and shouldn’t! However at times I do learn to keep it shut and my opinions to myself .. there’s always another side to the story!

    Things happen .. and as a friend said during my mother’s illness and during some of the hassles I had – not with her – don’t worry about others, it’s your thoughts that matter .. and how you deal with the challenges … not how others don’t deal with them …

    I think you’re right .. forget the whole thing/s!!

    Two ears and one mouth .. I don’t always remember! Cheers Hilary


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