Game of groans

In my youth I used to really rebel against routine.  The thought of a future of having to do the washing on Monday, and having a routine for the rest of the week in the style of the traditional song Dashing away with the smoothing iron appalled me.

I wanted to be able to do just as I pleased.  Sometimes I wanted to do nothing.  Other times I changed my mind about what I wanted to do before I did it – even when I had agreed to do something with someone else.

No-one can escape from some sort of routine, even if it is a flexible routine.

We all have to sleep, eat, wash and so on.

I like the routine of having to be out of the house by a certain time in the morning and walking to a location (even a bus stop) in the fresh air.  The ubiquitous motor vehicle does not give us much fresh air and exercise.  Having been a stay at home Mum (as they are called now) I did not have to do this once my children could go to school on their own.  I still regard it as a very healthy routine.  Exercise, fresh air, a chance to reflect and to chat with others are all healthy parts of life.  One can return home with renewed enthusiasm for the day’s tasks.  Being at home all day does not encourage anybody to tackle the household jobs eagerly.  We tend to ignore the dust (I do anyhow).  I can understand why people choose to have a dog to walk twice a day.  It forces them to go out and return with a new outlook, perhaps.

Now that I have fewer ties (with my children grown up and married and hubby retired), I appreciate the routines which I impose on myself.  Doing jobs on particular days of the week becomes a habit.  It is not an unbending routine.  If there is an opportunity to go out for a day, the jobs can wait!

So where routine used to be something I really disliked, now I find it helpful.  There are unhelpful habits, which may find their way into a flexible routine.  One of mine is switching the computer on before I have decided what I need to use it for.  This leads to time wasted on repeated visits to social media sites rather than usefully spent on writing projects, which I regard as more important.  It also detracts from time spent doing jobs around the house and garden.

I must resolve to improve my routine and guard against unhelpful habits.  How about you?

Game of Groans

Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like. Now write a post (tongue in cheek or not — your call!) about why it’s the best thing ever.


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  2. This really hits home with me since I stay home most of the time these days. I have my routine, but like yours, mine often heads off into some time absorbing social media excursions. I try to do at least a few chores around the house throughout each day to get me out of my computer seat. I kind of miss my old job and the time away from home. Mostly it’s the money I miss. I like being at home, but I need to do better at managing my time.

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  4. Interesting – I’m just writing some Bible reading notes (for Day by Day with God – Sept 2015!) on the fruit of the Spirit. Spending a lot of time in Galatians, and how much Paul emphasizes the freedom we have in Christ (because the Galatian church was falling prey to false teachers who were wanting to put them under the law). So your post is fitting. Routines give our days shape, but we can also become slaves to them. Unthinking routines shape our lives too – I am guilty to too much social media as a distraction! We have freedom from and freedom to – living by the Spirit means we aren’t slaves to the law, but we probably live according to the law because we’re in step with the Spirit. Discuss!


    • I didn’t want to include in my post the reasons why I have come to find some sort of routine helpful.
      In reply to your comment, Amy, we still have free will and frequently may not be in step with the Spirit. However, when we are life becomes really worthwhile and exciting! Thank you for commenting. Sue


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  6. I love routine, although life often gets in the way for me. I don’t like change very much and routine helps me to e more comfortable in general. Great response to the prompt.


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