Crocheted waistcoat

This top was crocheted in squares using acrylic Aran yarn using a a 4.50 crochet hook.  The squares followed a pattern in How to improve your Crochet Techniques (Cavendish House 1983).

Back of crocheted top

Back of crocheted top

I joined the ten squares in rows of four with two extra squares at the top centre for the back.

As I was making this as a surprise for someone who does not live nearby, one of my friends at craft group kindly acted as a model for me while I worked out how long to make the shoulder straps.  She is of a similar height and size to the recipient.

The straps were made using treble crochet worked in short rows.

Crocheted top

Crocheted top

The front also has rows of trebles to give a V-neck rather than squares.

I was inspired to make this garment from a pattern in another book (The Complete Book of Handicrafts Octopus 1973), where a similar garment was made using “granny” squares in two shades of green and white with a fringe at the bottom.

The garment I made was shorter than I intended, so I worked several rows of treble crochet along the lower edge.

I also neatened some of the outer edges with double crochet.

The ties to fasten it were worked as crocheted chains.

(I am modelling the garment in the photos, although I am shorter and have rounder shoulders than its owner.)


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