My blogging goals revisited

This is a companion blog to Sue’s considered trifles.  I am calling it Sue’s Trifles to suggest a connection between the two blogs.  Having a second blog will allow me to respond to prompts and challenges and interact with the blogging community, while maintaining a fairly uniform style in my first blog.

That is the opening paragraph of my About page.

Now this blog is almost 14 months old and my first blog is still going strong, it appears that I am on target here.  (Tomorrow my post on my other blog will look back over my first few months of blogging.)

I have taken part in two Blogging from A to Z in April challenges.  I have Blogged Every Day in November.  Prompts I have used include the Daily Prompt, The Weekly Writing Prompt and the 365 Days of Writing Prompts, which I am using today;  I am not inspired by the imaginary gadgets offered by today’s Daily Prompt.

Other posts are about my hobbies, books I have read or what I wanted to write about, including what I have learned through blogging and about blogging.. I have also used some writing I did years ago.  Sometimes it happens (as it did yesterday) that I begin a piece of writing and then find that by changing the slant, it can be fitted to the current Daily Prompt.

So far, so good.  My blog reflects my original intention.

What about interacting with the blogging community?

When I wrote that in March 2013, I really meant on-line interactions.  In July 2013 I met a blogger I follow.  Although I am shy, I introduced myself and was recently referred to as one of his best friends.  My liking for challenges led me to enter the UK Blog Awards, although I did not believe I had much chance of reaching the short-list.  To my amazement, both my blogs were short-listed and I attended the Awards Evening.  Regular readers will have seen my posts about this exciting experience.  I certainly interacted with bloggers on that occasion.  It was wonderful to talk to enthusiastic bloggers.  I have lots of lovely friends in my local community, but very few of them are passionate about blogging!

There is now a short video of the awards evening.  At least five people I met during the evening appear in it.  I did not spot myself anywhere.  (Not that I’m disappointed – there were over three hundred people present, most of them younger and more glamorous than I am.)

I also interact with bloggers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – none of which I envisaged back in March 2013.

Blogging for me  is a writing gym, where I exercise my writing muscles regularly.  My long term goal is to write.  I don’t think my goals have changed.  I may have reached a stage when I need to assess how I am going to proceed as a writer.

The prompt from 365 Days of Writing Prompts is


When you started your blog, did you set any goals?  Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

5 thoughts on “My blogging goals revisited

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  3. Hi Sue .. that’s great that you’ve achieved so much in such a short time .. congratulations. My goal was just getting a blog up and running while my mother was alive and I needed something to keep my brain going and have something interesting to talk to her about – that I achieved.

    Now I have goals to produce some ebooks and books ..and I’m moving along that path – all good learning stuff … it’s been a fun journey … and has opened many opportunities …

    Cheers Hilary


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