Mixed progress in achieving my targets

Another visit to the city mentioned in my Shopping List post was called for; our local shop could not give any clue to their delivery time for lingerie.  They only had larger sizes than I required!

Hubby and I agreed a date to go.   The weather forecast was good.

The day before our trip, I prepared my shopping list.  I had a project for which I needed materials: a zip and some fabric.  I used a tape measure and estimated how much material I’d need and the length of the zip.  (Completing this is one of my targets for this year.  It may result in a post here.)

I listed the shops I intended to visit.  Hubby added one item and some food shopping as a supermarket we like has closed its nearest branch to us.  We used the food shopping to obtain some more change for car-parking.  We had indulged in ice-cream cones the previous day for the same reason!

Overnight I had dreamed about driving.  (Another of my targets – carried over from last year – is to become more proficient and confident at driving.)  The road had been very wet in my dream.  When the traffic-lights turned to red, I had not pulled up in time and the car was over the studs in the road marking the pedestrian crossing.  A police Landrover stopped level with me and three men in orange got out.  (Our police wear navy or luminous yellow.)  They said hubby’s name first, looked again and said mine.  The punishment for poor driving was to wear a sort of multicoloured balaclava with rainbow mesh like fishing nets across the face!

It put me off driving at all the next day.  (Do you think I should ignore recurrent dreams and drive anyway?)

At the last minute I decided I needed to take some tapestry wool with me for colour matching.  When we set off in the car, I looked in my handbag to check that I had the list and couldn’t find it.  We had to turn round and go back for it.  Fortunately we were still in the road where we live and had not gone very far.  We do not often have to do this.

The question was, where had I put the list?  I had begun putting my stuff in a black handbag and then decided on a light-coloured one.  I knew the list had been on the dining table.  It was in neither of those places.  I had been hunting for tapestry wool and I found it near a cupboard I had looked in without success.  I must have had it in my hand and put it down when I took a box out of the cupboard.

We set off again and drove past more hawthorn blossom than I can remember seeing in that area.  The hedges forming field boundaries were white with blossom.  No wonder I felt as if my head did not belong to me because of hay fever.  (Another reason why I did not drive.)

Once again we managed to find everything on our lists.  I also bought a handbag – an impulse buy.

It was a humid day, but stayed dry apart from one or two short showers on the way home.

In the evening there was a spectacular thunder storm.  When we thought it was over the wind changed direction completely and we had more stormy weather.

I have not given up my driving ambition

Great Expectations

Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?


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  3. To become proficient and confident in driving you should be driving more 🙂 I have been through accidents with cars and the best thing is to get back in the seat and drive.
    And if you and your husband is going somewhere you should drive, if it gets to uncomfortable just swap who is driving 🙂
    You can do it! I believe in you!


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