Surprise company

Today’s prompt reminded me of a story I have already told on this blog in response to a Daily Prompt about the sort of phone we use.

The strangers sitting in my living room were not eating cake, but it is possible that if I had been any later arriving, they might have been!  They were two men of different generations the younger one being employed by the elder.

I still have my second mobile phone.  The first one was of the design referred to as a brick, due to its shape and weight.  It was second-hand – one of my children passed it on to me and it had belonged to a friend of theirs before that!

I famously had it in my handbag in a local town, but the battery had gone flat.  I did not know that the carpet-fitters had arrived a day early.  My teenage son being unable to contact me had let them in, gone out and left them to it.   When I arrived home there was a van outside, a door off its hinges and two strangers sitting in my living room waiting to be paid!  (The door wouldn’t close over the pile of the new carpet.)

To elaborate a little on the story, this incident occurred about ten years ago.  Mum was visiting us and likes to go out and see different places.  She and I had gone on the bus to the nearest town.  As this is a rural area the buses are infrequent and the bus back arrived about lunch time.  I was surprised to see a large unmarked white van parked outside.  It was the bathroom door, which had been removed.  There were old-fashioned privacy issues around this.  Fortunately hubby is good at DIY and was able to reduce the door to a suitable height and refit it.

He was rather cross with me for having been out of reach by telephone.  I’m not sure knowing that the carpet-fitters had arrived would have made much difference.  There would have been no choice about the door coming off.  The carpet-fitters were trustworthy.  We might have been in their way, while they were working.  Altogether it was an amusing incident and not something, which happens often.

Unexpected Guests

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.