An early obsession

How I spent my pocket money involved serious thought.  If I ran out of pennies I could not have any more until the next week.  I was not the sort of child, who had to have everything.  I ran my idea of getting one of these past Mum, before I bought it.  It did not need much attention and seemed happy enough.  Next time I walked past the stall where I had seen it, I bought a different variety.  Over the next few years I added to my collection at intervals.  Soon many friends of the family knew about my new hobby.  They even encouraged it.  I received books about it for presents.  Others with similar interests donated new specimens to my collection.

I gave a talk about it for an English Speaking Board Examination with living visual aids.

After a few years my collection was beginning to take over the house.  I was given a choice.  Either you get rid of them or we get a greenhouse.  (I think that the option of getting a greenhouse must have been decided, but the greenhouse was never mine!) My collection of cacti filled most of it, but Mum grew other plants in it as well.

First Sight

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.