Guilty pleasure

Am I alone in having problems keeping away from the internet? My guilty pleasure is in checking whether there is anything new. Is there a new email? Have readers left comments on my blogs? Have I any new followers on Twitter? What did Google+ decide to tag my latest blog post link with?

I go round in ever decreasing circles!

In March I worked really hard to prepare all my A to Z posts. In April I managed to have my posts to the end of April ready for my other blog. Now A to Z is over and my blogging goals are not being set by any specific challenge, I have come back to the Daily Prompt a few times. I don’t know what happened the first time, but my pingback did not appear. Perhaps the Daily Prompt is stricter now than previously and entries have to be linked withing 24 hours. I was a day late.

The next pingback worked, but I had managed to write the post on time.  I hope this one will also work.

I have other writing priorities away from the internet. Spending non-productive time on social media does not achieve anything. I need to limit the number of times I check various accounts each day. One way of improving my time-management involves setting my lap-top to aircraft mode. This disconnects me from the internet and allows me to write off-line and save my work in a Word document. It is a habit I need to cultivate. (As I write, I am still on-line!)

Over the last few weeks I have become numbed to the guilt of wasting my time checking my stats, checking notifications on social media, reading my entire Twitter feed. A week away from the internet led to information overload on my return! Having sorted out the backlog of comments and emails, I carried on spending the same length of time using my computer without achieving much.

So my guilty pleasure must end. I must develop better working practices. I must not switch my computer on unless I have a plan to use it for a purpose. If I have checked all my social media, I do not need to check them again for at least half a day! Nothing is so urgent that it needs an immediate reply. I do not need to be on Twitter for the whole of #bloghour. In fact #bloghour can probably manage very well without me; my other followers on Twitter will not be bombarded with irrelevant Tweets.

And perhaps I may even spend less time writing replies to Daily Prompts. There are bloggers tackling  #100blogs challenge They are attempting to post new material for 100 consecutive days.  In October I began to do that here on Sue’s Trifles. That is over six months and nearer 200 than 100 posts. Perhaps when I reach 200 posts I’ll reduce my posting frequency. I need to get out more!

No Apologies
What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

16 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure

  1. Good luck with that. I’m hopeless. I dream internet. It’s kind of scary actually. And to think at one time I openly stated to family members that I didn’t need the internet or a computer and would never get involved with either. Yeah, right!

    Tossing It Out


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  3. If the Internet is a guilty pleasure, I’ll just plead out on that one. No point in going to trial. For that matter … millions of us stand convicted and none of us are giving it up anytime soon 🙂


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  5. You’re definitely not alone. I must check my email, my Facebook page, and my blog stats about fifty times a day each. And sadly, that’s not the worst internet-related bad habit I’ve ever had. I used to play an online game called Gaia Online, and after literal months of wasted time and almost getting caught playing it at work a dozen or so times, I had to buck up and quit cold turkey. It sounds pathetic, but I really was completely addicted to it. I’d get home from work, eat supper, and literally just sit there and play all night until I eventually forced myself to go to bed. o.O


      • Good, stay that way. lol I’m a bit of a video game nerd, and although I don’t play computer games anymore (the Gaia addiction soured me on them), I spend a lot of time on my Playstation Vita that should really be spent writing and editing. >.>


    • I do not have a smart phone. I mentioned to a young person, that I thought it was dangerous that Facebook says that someone is logged in on their mobile. Her reply – they are more likely to be in bed than out and about! Sue


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