Last but not least

When I attended the UK Blog Awards, I was not expecting to win and had only a rough idea of what I’d have said.  As it was the first time that there had been an event to recognise UK blogging, I for one did not know what to expect.

The organisers (in their wisdom) realised that bloggers could be a very wordy bunch.  The instruction for receiving awards was to smile for the camera.  It was a great way to streamline the proceedings!

However I had been asked to represent another blogger, Fletch the Perchcrow of Wordsworth’s House in Cockermouth.  Not knowing in advance that speeches would be unnecessary, I asked Fletch for a speech, which he kindly provided courtesy of Alex Morgan.  I used the contents of that speech in my conversations with some of the other people attending the Awards Evening.

Had speeches been required and had I (unexpectedly) won an award, the last but not least person in mine would have been my patient hubby.  He allows me to blog and he let me go away for a week to attend the Awards ceremony and visit relatives.

Written in response to the Daily Prompt – Last but not least.

Last but Not Least
In your imaginary award acceptance speech (yes, we know you have one), who’s the very last — and most important — person you thank?

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  4. Hi Sue .. well that’s great you were able to stand in for Fletch .. I must look at his blog – still trying to catch up with the A-Z … but will get by … I’m just glad you had a happy time and enjoyed yourself … cheers Hilary


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