UK Blog Awards – the goody bag

As I wrote in my previous post, I almost left the UK Blog Awards Evening without my goody bag.

When I reached my bedroom I decided to wind down by looking through the contents of it. There were lots of surprises. Some of the items had me completely mystified!
The next day, after I had shown them to Mum, I made a list of all the items.

There were things to eat or drink, things to use, things to find a recipient for and things to write about. (I am sure that the donors all intended us to write about their contribution!) The glossy black  bag was very heavy and one of the handles for mine lost its end the next morning. As I had thought ahead and packed a lightweight bag, which I am finding particularly useful, this was not a problem to be solved immediately. Later I tied a knot and restored the bag to a useful condition! I passed it on to a family member for re-use. My other bag was given to me years ago by a (late) friend of the family, who had been to the Millennium Dome. It says “One Amazing Day” on it in luminous yellow on a black background. Not inappropriate for the occasion, really. The handles are long enough to put over my shoulder, which I find convenient. (I was travelling with a small rucksack as my overnight bag.)

As I wrote in my post on my other blog, I was in the middle of a trip visiting relatives by public transport. The weight of some of the items was a consideration when I decided what to do with them.

Food and drink

One heavy item was a packet drink – a cocktail mixer, funkin Brazilian®. This was intended to have been used during the evening, with cocktails, but I received mine as I was leaving. The alcoholic drink at the start was plenty for me. I took the drink to my young relatives and sampled it as part of my breakfast for two days. It tasted of mango and was good.  The fact that it contained ten servings (to be consumed within ten days) made Mum reluctant to take it.

There were three sample teabags from Twinings (English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Lemon and Ginger); I have only used one so far.

A sachet resembling a breakfast cereal bar turned out to be a hot peanut butter drink. Hubby was interested in that one, so I brought it home. He made it and drank it all up.  His verdict – perhaps an acquired taste!

I am not a habitual biscuit-eater, so I gave Mum the packet of two Viennese whirls and the sample of Colgate toothpaste. (I have not liked the taste of Colgate for some time.)

Another food and drink related item was a very well-produced soft-back book about London restaurants. It would be a lovely gift for someone visiting central London. I left it in Mum’s magazine rack for the time being, due to its weight.

Computer accessories

As I was travelling without access to the internet, the mystery of why Gumtree would have given away pen drives had to wait. My son pointed out that I was talking about Gumtree, just because I had read the name. He finds the website very useful, living in a city. Hubby wanted to know the storage capacity. After a few days I remembered to plug it into my laptop computer. There is a file explaining why Gumtree want bloggers!

Another item, which I had to think about, was from Content Click. They gave a presentation about their services to bloggers during the evening. The gift was a plastic hook, bearing their logo, with a suction pad. Hubby attached it to a plastic tray and hung my back-up USB stick from it. I retrieved the two items from the floor the following day! I’m not sure whether he used any water to improve the suction…

Paper with printing on and places to put it

Most of the rest of the goodies were booklets or postcards, business cards and other printed matter. I have read most of it. I was pleased to see the leaflet about autism. I hope it was read by most of the attendees. Anything which helps remove prejudices against people with problems is to be encouraged.

The booklet about Luma was interesting. I am really pleased with my bag. One mysterious goody was a cardboard box with a transparent window containing two samples of carpet and one of vinyl floor-covering as well as a booklet and other printed matter. Carpet right are looking for bloggers to write for them.

I am not going to go through the rest of the fliers.

I put all the small items inside the leather passport cover from Hotter shoes, noting that they are now producing styles for younger people in addition to their comfortable shoes for golden oldies.

There was also a plastic card wallet from the Huffington Post. I keep encountering references to this online. Now I know a little more about it.  VoicED provided a ballpoint pen.

I should perhaps also mention Woo commerce, whose advertising was on the lanyards we all wore with a card showing that we were attending the awards evening and with optional cards for our categories.

If you received a goody bag, what did you like best in it?

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