More about the UK Blog Awards

My first post about the UK Blog Awards evening was quite long enough.
Since then I have remembered I met more people, who did not give me their business cards.
I was glad to meet Susan Heaton Wright, a voice coach and blogger twice over. She blogs at Executive Voice Blog and Viva Live Music.

I met a pleasant young lady, whose name escapes me. She was attending with Julian Stanley, Group Chief Executive, Teacher Support Network and Recourse.  Later  I met the man himself. He was one of the judges for the education section. As it was before the Awards ceremony, I could hardly talk to him about my blogs. 😀 The organisations are charities supporting teachers.
Alice Elliott, Fairy Blog Mother, introduced me to Lindsay Mcloughlin who blogs at Proofed by Linds. Lindsay mentioned a phrase she had researched and blogged about. I had blogged about the same phrase without delving so deeply – ship-shape and Bristol fashion.

The secret Victorianist introduced herself to me. She was one of the highly recommended bloggers.  I read some of the blogs she reads. One is Interesting literature – a short-listed blog. I did not meet these bloggers.

Through reading another post about the evening I learned that Dominic, to whom Annie Byrne introduced me, also has a blog.

This post from another finalist has some good pictures of the evening.

If it had not been for Alice Elliott, I might have left without a goody bag. More about the surprises in that another time…

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